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Windom HF 3,5-7-14-21-28 MHz


WINDOM HF 3,7-7-14-21-28 MHz WITH CABLES 41,40 M

Power: 1000W
Impedance: 50 ohm
R.O.E - S.W.R - T.O.S: 1,3:1
Connector type: UHF/PL type
Polarization: Horizontal
Length: 43400 mm.
Width: 60 mm.
Height: 60 mm.
Weight: 1563 gr.

This kit antenna include two 41,20 methers cables, dipoles and JA-200 1:6
Made of steel wire with plastic insulation and copper core.
Length first section 27.58 cm length second section 13.79 cm.

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