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Analizzatore vettoriale d'antenna


MetroVNA is a modern antenna analyser designed for Amateur Radio. It allows to measure all the parameters of an antenna such as SWR, R, X, Z, Phase, Power, RL and TL and visualize all parameters on display, or pc, tablet or Android Smartphone. It’s a very powerful and simple to use both outdoors and in the laboratory or radio shack.
It allows measurements in both transmission and in reflection mode, and has  integrated complete software that runs on all platforms  – Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
It has many useful features including an ‘Easy’ menu for rapid measurements graphical  menu to control basic settings.
Some functions ...

- All designed with 3D software.
- Fast interface USB.
- Powerful 32-bit microprocessor.
- Designed for use amateur radio.
- Many functions can be activated from the menu. Over 10 internal menus upgradeable by firmware.
- Include internal Li-ion rechargeable battery.
- Many adjustments from the menu.
- Display full touch screen.

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