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Kenwood TH-D74

Ricetrasmettitore bibanda analogico/digitale


Ricetrasmettitore bibanda VHF/UHF analogico/digitale

Compatible with the APRS communication protocol, which allows real-time two-way data
transmission by using packet communications. This stand-alone device provides
enjoyment of communications that make use of a variety of features,
including sharing of local and GPS positional information and message exchange.

Compatible with D-STAR, the amateur radio communications network that has both
voice and data modes. Both local and international communications are possible
through diverse operations including simplex communications, single
repeater relay communications and inter-repeater gateway communications.

Wideband and multimode reception

Built-in IF filter for comfortable reception

IF output mode

High-performance DSP voice processing

Tough weatherproofing meeting IP54/55 standards

Easily understandable pop-up screens


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